YouTube Review by Charlie DIYte

“A stronger plasterboard fixing than anything I’ve ever encountered before” – Charlie DIYte

In November we approached DIY YouTuber Charlie DIYte with a request to review the GeeFix drywall anchors. As subscribers to his YouTube channel, we knew we could count on him to provide an objective assessment and comprehensive demonstration of the anchors. Charlie didn’t disappoint and the video’s viewership (99k and counting) is a testament to his articulate presentation style, and easy-to-follow demos.

The video below,which runs a little over 13 minutes, discusses how GeeFix stacks up against the competition –  highlighting the large, 4.7 inch load bearing back-plate which dwarfs the other drywall anchors on the market. Charlie proceeds with an installation demo into drywall with a running commentary on the GeeFix’s ease of use and compatibility with multiple substrates and cavity sizes ranging from 0.12 inches to 3 inches. Charlie also calls attention to a feature that differentiates GeeFix from its competitors: the ability to affix more than one anchor point along the length of the back-plate, eliminating the need for a second anchor. This he points out will have “massive applications in the DIY and construction sector”

So, a big thank you to Charlie DIYTe for the honest, impartial review. Charlie’s channel has a library of short DIY videos, ranging from how to apply silicone sealant, to tutorials on the difference between drill drivers and impact drivers…must-sees for all DIY enthusiasts. Subscribe to Charlie’s channel to avoid missing out on his expert DIY uploads: