Ceiling Fan attached with GeeFix

Hanging in there…
While we are always keen to hear how GeeFix performs on the job, it’s a bonus when customers take time to photograph their DIY projects. It’s valuable for us to see how the GeeFix wall anchors are being applied to solve everyday home maintenance problems and so we were thrilled to receive the following review from our customer, Deb:

My son used two GeeFix to fix my porch fan that was hanging down. He said the electrical outlet had come loose from the fan wobbling over the years. The screws had pulled out of the wood. Instead of just putting in bigger screws that might come out again, he used two GeeFix and feels confident I won’t come home to my fan hanging by its electrical wire again! He is really impressed with the GeeFix and plans to order some for himself. I hope you have a son like mine and some GeeFix on hand.

You can see from the photographs that the fan was literally hanging on by a thread, and over time constant rotation had caused the screws to dislodge from the underlying timber. The sturdy nylon GeeFix back-plates span 4.75 inches and therefore create a large surface area over which the weight of the ceiling fan can be suspended. With a maximum tensile strength of 156 lbs, the GeeFix wall anchors provided a nifty solution to what was an accident waiting to happen…and the fan looks as good as new!