Fixing items with more than one anchor point

If you’ve dabbled in DIY you’ll notice that many wall mounted items have more than one anchor point (e.g. curtain rails or toilet roll holders).  If you’ve got a strategically placed stud, this poses no problem at all… but what happens if the studs don’t align with your DIY vision and that toilet roll holder absolutely has to be installed onto a cavity wall in order to look ok.

In the past, these types of installations have required more than one drywall anchor – costing the DIYer time and money. And then, in 2015, along came GeeFix with a revolutionary solution: A hollow wall anchor with a back-plate that is long enough to act like studwork. Want to see what we mean? Take a look at our photograph below:

Multiple anchor points photo

The GeeFix back-plate spans 4.75 inches (the longest of any plasterboard fixing on the market) and the fixing points on the curtain rail bracket in this photograph are 1.5 inches apart. As you can see here, the lower fixing point has been screwed directly into the sturdy nylon back-plate eliminating the need for a second cavity wall fixing. The back-plate’s size is key to the wall anchor’s versatility;  for example, if you had a bracket with two fixing points spaced 3.5 inches apart, you would overlay the anchor points within the length of the back-plate with one anchor point screwed into each of the wings.

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